While GQ announces the best underwear for any eventuality, all the well-known names swarmed my brain for seconds or minutes without surprise. Out of expectation, it sparks a little spicy with a never-heard-brand. From D.H comes perhaps the most scientific underwear known to man, at RM200/SGD63/USD46 a pop, so it should be. Right after some researches were explored, I’m simply amazed by technology implied behind the effort of DH. *Please reverse to previous post should you missed the sexiest technology explanation.

Sync with D.H head office, TMFHOUSE.COM will be launching a cross-border project, proudly named #iAmDH12Asia, featuring 12 models, 12 locations, 12 inspiring stories throughout Southeast Asia within a year. Slightly intensified with project #iAmDH12 (Europe and US), #iAmDH12Asia is partying the project with 12 collaborated portrait/photographers. Hurrayyyyy…. (exciting)….

Name yourself or “Im-think-he-is-sexy” target in the form below, we shall make the effort to satisfy your expectation…. our expectation. Waittttt, without professional portrait/photographer, how the project is going to shine? Photo enthusiast, do send us a hit should you find it interested. We are waiting you!

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