While GQ announces the best underwear for any eventuality, all the well-known names swarmed my brain for seconds or even minutes without surprises. Out of expectation, it sparks a little spicy with a never-heard-brand. From D.H comes perhaps the most scientific underwear known to man, at RM200/SGD63/USD46 a pop, so it should be. Right after some researches were explored, I’m simply amazed by technology implied behind the effort of D.H. *Please reverse to previous post should you missed the sexiest technology explanation.

Sync with D.H head office, TMFHOUSE.COM will be launching a cross-border project, proudly named #iAmDH12Asia, featuring 12 models, 12 locations, 12 inspiring stories throughout Southeast Asia within a year. Slightly intensified with project #iAmDH12 (Europe and US), #iAmDH12Asia is partying the project with 12 collaborated portrait/photographers. Hurrayyyyy…. (exciting)….

Name yourself or “Im-think-he-is-sexy” target in the form below, we shall make the effort to satisfy your expectation…. our expectation. Waittttt, without professional portrait/photographer, how the project is going to shine? Photo enthusiast, do send us a hit should you find it interested. We are waiting for you!
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11.00pm | 01 June 2017 | by Jacs Wong



Three years of development in researching the ultimate fit for men's underwear, D.H. worked with a team of Pattern Cutters to develop solutions in order to achieve the underwear philosophy - beyond aesthetic. 

Sits between Luxury, Fashion, Sport, Functionality, Lifestyle and Gay interest, introducing the D.H. underwear and beachwear for men who want to enhance their derriere (perhaps without daily deep squat at gym), with the worldwide patented "AngleFit Technology", seamless ultra-breathable and ultra-malleable Italian cotton microfibre fabric, which able to embraces and enhances the derrière’s natural roundness, adds extra support in all the vital places (www.dailymail.co.uk) and stretches to fit any posterior cosily. 

So you might wonder, how's this innovative underwear called himself "second skin"? Watch better than read, right? :)

Anytime you want to draw attention or seduce your behind audience, paired with your running/gym shorts or suits trousers, these briefs/trunks would show off your rear asset arrogantly and proudly with its perfect shape. 

Available in different designs and colours for your own addiction, shop now!

10.30pm | 25 May 2017 | by Jacs Wong