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“Everyone love travel, Everyone love fashion! Don’t tell me you don’t? Or else this platform will be sounds nothing to you. We hope you’re not, definitely!”
It’s straightforward to explain Who Are We and What We Do. Travellers Meet Fashion (TMF) take shape as a concept of where the spirit of travellers to be gigantically magnified and explored into a fashionable way. Three essences we keep highlighting and exerting throughout our fashion journey: EXPLORATION, VENTURE and SHARING. Spent years travelling around South East Asia and Europe (well, we are still doing it now and, of course, we love it so much!), there’re numerous of notably gorgeous independent fashion and grooming brands we couldn’t listed out one by one. We realized the more we explore, the more we got obstructed, by the brand popularity, price tag, customer preference, product purchasing problem, even low convincement that offered by the brand itself due to the distances, though nowadays internet has got us extremely well connected. Hence, this is the main generative force of such platform emerged. We did not bring in the brand from no way as this platform is not a garbage field. We must be in love in the first place, guaranteed well (quality, value worth, safe) before all the mesmerized pieces added into our wardrobe to be shared with you. Price wise, certainly, we hold exclusivity for the most of the brands we carry, therefore we are capable in offering a very competitive price for you without worrying the unpredictable duties/taxes from overseas shipment.   
While we are expanding and striving to bring in the good brand(s) abroad and sharing together, we'd be very grateful to have you with us. Should you find interest on what we are doing currently, drop us a mail to development@tmfhouse.com.

We Love Collabs!  

Our Mission: Discover good brands you might not known before!