Interview with Ryan Young

Interview with Ryan Young


Hello Ryan, tell us bit about yourself…

Hi Team of TMFH, I’m a model and endurance adventure athlete based in Los Angeles but running the world searching for my next challenge, meeting inspirational people and putting myself into situations outside my comfort zone.

Who are your idols?

Oh man, tough to answer. I’m constantly coming across someone new that inspires me. Although I’ve always admired the work of David Attenborough, how he shines a light on the natural wonders of our planet. I love Anthony Bourdain’s perspective on cultures foreign from my own. And Brene Brown, I think is writing some incredibly insightful, helpful, works on living in our modern age, being vulnerable and standing alone in the world yet knowing we’re all connected. Although of them all, I’d most like to end up on some life-daring expedition with Indiana Jones!  

What are your passions?

Modelling, shooting memorable images. Running for sure. Telling stories of the people, the places, and customs I come across that are different from my own. I love the outdoors, reading and watching films.

Interview with Ryan Young

How do you describe happiness?

Progress. Little beats having a goal, no matter how big, how small, and working, enjoying, the path it takes to make what lies in the imagination material.

Do you have any regrets in life?

I can’t say that I do. I firmly believe in learning from every choice, each encounter, all contrasts. Sure, I can wonder how my path would be different if I’d made other choices, but then I wouldn’t be were am I today, living exactly the life I’m meant to at this particular moment with much more to come.

How long have you been training/fitness?

I’ve been active since being a kid. Always in sport growing up, baseball or soccer. When I moved to Los Angeles I began cycling and weight lifting. It was only five or six years ago now that I started running.

How often do you train?

Daily. I aim for seven days a week knowing that there will most likely be one day that my schedule won’t allow a training session. I’m a bit on the obsessive side, where as I get in a run most mornings and then come evening, I’ll head to the gym to lift weights.

Interview with Ryan Young

Do you take any supplements? 

I do. I enjoy trying different supplements to test my body and performance. MCT oil, BulletProof Coffee, I swear by every morning. Magnesium and potassium daily. And cordyceps have propelled my running to the next level!

What tip would you give people that want to improve their physique?

First and foremost, what’s the intention, what’s the goal and who’s it for? Nothing is going to last, no one is going to stay committed unless its an intention they’re deeply passionate and excited about. From there, I think its important to do something everyday, even if its cramming in a shorter workout. Its the effort that helps build a habit, changes a lifestyle and positively changes the body.

Would you say that sport and fitness is in your blood?

Hmm.. Listen I was brought up with parents that encouraged my siblings and I to be active so that set the tone for my fitness lifestyle early on. But I live with a natural curiosity that keeps me going. Take running for instance. I started a few years ago with only ten minutes on a treadmill and just months later I completed my first marathon. I couldn’t and haven’t stopped wondering, testing, just how far my body and mind can take me. Curiosity coupled with the friends and environment I put myself in definitely add to the equation.

Interview with Ryan Young

What new fitness trend has caught your attention recently?

Meditation is as important for my training as time spent running. Cryotherapy I swear by. Sensory-deprivation floating. Not necessarily fitness trends, I’m interested in what bio-hacks have staying power because they significantly aid my all-around performance.

How did this life lead you into modelling?

Back when I was 15, I was in a musical theatre production. Another castmate was a men’s modeling booker and asked if I’d like to go out for a commercial casting. Crazy enough, I booked it and while there have been waves, I haven’t stopped working as a model since.

One tip for a wannabe model?

Celebrate who you are. Live up what makes you unique. No doubt you’ll often be told how to look, what to change, how to be; be kind enough to listen to advice but decide what works for you and what doesn’t. Listen to your intuition and be authentic to you as you.

Interview with Ryan Young

What has been one of your most memorable experiences whilst traveling?

There’s so many! That’s what keeps me passionate about travel. Take a travel adventure I took on a couple years ago. The goal was to run across California, from the beach to the state of Arizona, just over 300 miles. On the last leg, in the middle of the desert, a car pulls over. Out steps a Canadian woman who starts telling me her story. Her husband of over 40 years had recently passed. She packed up the car and set out to drive to every town in North America named Parker, the name of her grandson. Here we were, two different generations, two different countries of ancestry, two totally different life experiences, but both on quests seeking more, exploring life outside our comfort zones and sharing a moment neither one of us will ever forget.

What advice would you give users to get a following like yours?

Do I? Funny, I look at others and think wow, they have such a massive following. My advice, be consistent. Have something to say. Share your voice.

What are your goals on social media?

My goal with social media and beyond is to create a community of people inspiring one another. What I love most about social media is how its democratized so much of the world. So much more is available, possible, to so many more people. I want to use social media to share not just my story, my travels, challenges and adventures but to highlight places, people we might not normally see.

Interview with Ryan Young

We see you posting with D.Hedral quite often, how would you said about this underwear brand?

D.Hedral is one of my go-to brands of underwear. It just fits! Its made well with exceptional quality. There’s an elegance, a luxury, in the design that speaks to me.

Which is your most preferable among all collection?

Of all the pieces I have from the collection, its tough to get me out of the Ace Brief. If I do slip out its probably to put on the Herman Swim Brief for an afternoon at the beach.

Interview with Ryan Young

What are you hoping to achieve/change?

My goal for 2018 and beyond is live a life of abundant happiness. That means searching for all those things that make me smile, something as simple (yet complex!) as the sun shining, raining pouring or a candle flickering in the dark. Being appreciative.

Thank you Ryan. Hope to see you next round!

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